Children being read a story

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Our rooms specifically meet the needs of all children.

Children being read a story

Our Rooms

Our setting has two large rooms specifically set out to meet the needs of all children that attend. Both rooms are equipped so that children can play and learn independently with access to a variety of rich learning resources including sand, water, paint, messy play, role play opportunities and a cozy reading area.  

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The two to three year olds experience a regular change of activities and scenery in their environment. They need to be close to people they know and staff understand the importance of building strong relationships with Key Children and their families. Children enjoy role play and pretending to be someone else which helps with language and communication skills and social and emotional development.   


Older children have the benefit of being taught in a responsive environment that allows for change and adaptations to be made. This is welcomed by the children who enjoy their role play area being a space station one week and then becoming a dinosaur swamp another.

There is a dedicated block play area with access to a range of open ended resources to encourage children’s imaginative play. Opportunities for developing maths and literacy skills are available in all areas and staff are skilled at supporting learning through play.   


Stationery items in the outside block



The children have access to Perryfields Infant School Playground and the Boswell’s School Field. We have a large purpose build shelter on the field so outside learning activities are on offer whatever the weather.  

Children in both rooms enjoy Moo Music sessions and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in small groups. These extra activities are provided free of charge to enhance learning experiences. 

Our outside area