Children learning

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Staff are trained to understand & support emotional development.

Children learning

Emotional Wellbeing

Starting Pre-School is a big step for most children and we do all we can at Springfield Bees to help make the experience as positive as possible.

Staff support personal, social and emotional development by forming strong relationships with their Key Children.

We provide experiences and activities that are challenging but achievable and opportunities for children to reflect on successes and their own talents.

Freddy our persona dollCircle times are the ideal opportunity for children to talk in small groups about something they are interested in or have done which helps develop their self esteem.

Our persona doll, Freddie, helps the children learn about their own emotions and understand the needs of others. Children can participate in yoga and relaxation sessions, which have many benefits including: building concentration and self-confidence, developing body-awareness and coordination and aiding self-regulation.

We firmly believe that children learn best when their emotional needs are met.